HBE Forum Webinar Recording - Healthy Social Environments: Social connectivity in neighbourhoods

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Building on the success of the Healthy Built Environment Toolkit, BCCDC is developing a complimentary framework which focuses on supporting social connections and resiliency. This resource will offer evidence based practice principles for local governments and other stakeholders looking for guidance on how to “build back better”, minimize unintended consequences, and work towards more equitable and sustainable communities. We are now in the final stages of synthesizing over 2000 research associations and expert feedback and are aiming to complete the final full report in Feb 2021. This webinar will review version 1 of the framework and share some examples of how it may be used to support practice. This resource is developed in consultation with a diverse Advisory Group, content experts across BC, and representatives from Alberta and Manitoba.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are some creative initiatives taking place right now that are examples of SE framework principles in action?
  2. What structures or processes can be put in place that would better support the critical values/goals of equity and sustainability?
  3. Are there ways that you could use this Framework to support your current initiatives?
  4. What else can we create that will help support its implementation?

Presentation Slides:

Event Date Dec 16, 2020
Location Type online
Posted by NCCEH Dec 17, 2020