Environnement bâti

Recognizing the health impacts of the natural and human-made surroundings in which we live, work, and play.

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A local food environment policy framework: How to take action and measure change in Ontario [en anglais seulement]

[en anglais seulement]Government policies targeting the availability, affordability, and marketing of foods can shape the food environment. Local governments are often the first to implement…
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Building Safe & Inclusive Communities: The Public Health Approach [seulement en anglais]

The annual conference is designed to help attendees learn new methods of fostering safe, healthy and inclusive communities by showcasing the latest work and research within the realm of public health…
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Favoriser l’équité en santé par un environnement bâti sain [En anglais seulement]

Ce webinaire porte sur l’amélioration de l’équité en santé par l’environnement bâti et sur les manières dont on peut tenir compte des facteurs relatifs à l’urbanisme et au design pour contrer les…
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How can public health shape inequitable social environments to promote positive mental health?

Du 18 au 22 novembre, joignez-vous à votre communauté pour parler de la santé mentale sous l’angle de l’équité en santé. CCNDS Cliquez pour l’équité en santé : communauté L’événement sera animé par…
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Social Isolation and the Built Environment - Can Housing Form Play a Role? [en anglais seulement]

[en anglais seulement]Social isolation is an increasingly important issue in Canada which has been associated with negative health outcomes such as depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline among…
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When shelter in place isn’t an option - environmental health guidance for encampments during the COVID-19 pandemic [en anglais seulement]

[en anglais seulement] When other options are not available, encampments may be temporarily necessary to provide shelter for those experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic. While…
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